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Singapore Scholarship 2013

Pemerintah Singapore kembali menawarkan beasiswa bagi lulusan sekolah menengah negara Asean (termasuk Indonesia) untuk belajar di tiga perguruan tinggi negeri ternama Singapore, yaitu NTU, NUS dan SMU.

Singapore Universities

Batas pengiriman aplikasi tanggal 9 Januari  s.d  5 Februari 2013.

Selengkapnya pengumuman dari web: http://www.scp.gov.sg/content/scp/scholarships/singapore_scholarship.html  setelah melalui edit:

The Singapore Scholarship was announced by then Prime Minister of Singapore Mr Goh Chok Tong at the 6th ASEAN Summit in December 1998.
The Scholarship is awarded to students from the other ASEAN member countries and tenable for a full-time undergraduate degree course at one of the three universities in Singapore. All disciplines except for Medicine, Dentistry, Architecture and Law are open to Scholars. The duration of each Scholarship is for three or four years, depending on the discipline.
The award is based on academic merit and places will be allocated by open competition. If necessary, a one-year bridging or foundation program, in addition to the undergraduate studies, will be provided.
There is no bond imposed on the Scholarship by the Singapore Government. The Scholars are expected to return home to contribute to the development of their countries upon graduation.


Citizens of ASEAN member countries (except Singapore) are eligible to apply for the Singapore Scholarship.
Candidates must have an outstanding academic record, a good command of English and meet the entry requirements for NTU, NUS and SMU. The Singapore Scholarship is awarded on a competitive basis on academic merit.

  • currently undergoing 1st year of undergraduate studies in an Indonesian university
  • pass the Indonesia SMU Ujian Akhir Nasional (UAN) with good academic results within the last 3 years;
  • Grade 12 students taking Indonesian SMU UAN in following year

What is Offered

  • The Singapore Scholarship is tenable for the minimum period required to obtain the respective degrees at Nanyang Technological University, National University of Singapore or Singapore Management University. It covers full tuition fees and a living allowance of S$4,300 (covering meals, transport, textbooks and course materials during school semester) per academic year. In addition, a separate full accommodation allowance based on the room rates at each university or designated hostel will be provided during school semester.
  • One return economy class air ticket is provided for the Scholar’s passage from his/her home country to Singapore for the duration of studies determined by the Singapore Government. No additional assistance will be provided for other travel expenses.
  • A recipient of the Scholarship may not concurrently hold any other Scholarship, Fellowship, Grant or Award without the prior approval of the Singapore Government.
  • There is no bond imposed on the Scholarship by the Singapore Government. The Scholars are expected to return home to contribute to the development of their countries upon graduation.
  • The scholarship is open to applicants who have not gained admission and are currently not studying at the Singapore Universities.
  • The Singapore Government reserves the right to terminate the Scholarship if the Scholar’s academic progress is unsatisfactory or his conduct is in violation of the university’s rules and regulations.

Application Procedure

Application for the Singapore Scholarship must be submitted on the prescribed application form (The application form and supporting documents must be of A4 size and printed on one side only). Please contact the Singapore Embassy/ High Commission/Consulate-General in your capital city for a copy of the Singapore Scholarship brochure and application form. You may click here for a soft copy of the application form for AY 13/14.

Applicants will be required to submit a typed-written essay of about 300-500 words. The essay is an important part of your application.

All supporting documents have to be attached. Those supporting documents that are not in English must have a certified translation in English. Translation and certification of transcripts and academic records have to be done by your educational institutions.

Applications must be endorsed and submitted by their respective ASEAN Governments. The relevant agencies to endorse the application are:

Ibu Indah
Bureau of Foreign Co-operation
Ministry of National Education
Gedung C, Lantai 6
Jl Jend. Sudirman
Senayan, Jakarta
Tel : 6221- 5795 3083
Fax : 6221- 574 6395

For more information, write to:
Singapore Scholarship
c/o Technical Cooperation Directorate
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Singapore 248 163
Tel: (65) 6379 8000
Fax: (65) 6479 3357
Email: mfa_scp@mfa.gov.sg



  1. Apakah ada informasi lebih lanjut tentang alamat e-mail Ibu Indah
    Bureau of Foreign Co-operation
    Ministry of National Education-nya?
    agar bisa mempermudah jika ada pertanyaan.
    Terima Kasih

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