Oleh: budisulis | 19 Desember, 2007

Interesting Singapore

What’s so Interesting about Singapore? Singapore is a small country, yes! if we are talking about their landmass island perspective rather than it’s potential. Comparing Singapore with our country, Indonesia, Singapore zone has a same size like Jakarta. Amazingly, every year there are more than 10 million tourists come to Singapore, whilst their population are only 4.7 millions.

Apart from their image as a Heaven of shopping zone and world tourist trip destination, there’s a buck-ride things about Singapore. Singapore has a tropical climate, but there is not such an extreme. Warm weather spray all over years. From May to June the weather change raise into the highest temperature, while in Desember and Januari the weather drop it edges to lowest temperature. Rain can come at anytime along the years. During November to January rain fall may increase, while in Februari, rain fall drops of decrease. Singapore become the most comfortable place to pack your activity all years! But don’t forget to bring your umbrella, because there can be rain even on hot seasons!

Singapore inhabbiting consist from many ethnics such as China, Malay, and Indians. The formal languange that they use is English. Some of them use many mother-language like china, malay, and hindi. There are unique side about english language in singapore. This language made and blend together with Malay, Hokkien or Cantonnese accent and they called it Singlish. For example, notice this Singlish sentences: This book you want or not? It should be: Do you want this book, or not? Singlish which blended with malay contain repeated subjects: Want to go Orcher walk walk see see or not? Which means Let’s go shopping/sightseeing at Orchard Road. So, Next time you go to Singapore, don’t forget to bring with you a Singlish Dictionary, it’s really helpfull for bargaining lah!

Prevocalic hope in Singapore reach more than 79 years, which mean their populations has more healthy and possess productives ages more steady long. You can check it out first thing in the morning. While people still slow-mo in sleep, some of the older man wake up and take their trip to work. Yes, some of them working in the restorant, road and park maintennance, shopkeeper, or just a simple trader. One thing that make these people healthy is the availability of the health facilities. There are more than 15 hospital and 12 medical center, 11 among them has already taken international acreditation – the largest in Asia! All the bed inside that hospitals are more than enough to take all of Singapore citizens.
Health is another prime aspect, which get more attention by the government. Many elementary students forbid to have a big-bowly body because they’re afraid of obesity and it impacts of energetic and adroit which can reduce their health and productivity. To support government programs, each school must provide a devastating healty food menu contains of free-fat for lunch break, off-course with the well-famous delicious taste. Junk Food is strickly forbidden at school!

Singapore Government puts solid attentions for developing the country. They use all resource and develop them to become an income. Even in creative way like chapel – this gothic style chapel changed into live show stage performance and dining place, it’s now called the Chijmes. Singapore also known as Fine-City. Take a look a view sample of forbiden marks and its fine such as: No Smoking on MRT Trains, No Garbage, Don’t press Emergency Button on Escalator unless it is emergency, and even you can find marks like Don’t eat gummy candy on MRT! If you don’t care about those rules, you may buck yourself a trouble and ruin your holiday. This may look like some silly things, but what is the impact? All place around the city look so clean, no tobacco smoke, all busses and MRT’s feel so good.

It’s so easy to travel along the Singapore roads. With many information provided by the goverment, you won’t get lost. Even If you do, you just ask the taxi driver, they will tell you where to go. Singapore has many places to visit, so many great-taste food to eat and so many shops to explore. Everything-you name it, is availabe in Singapore. It’s hard to forget the experience and the atmosphere, no wonder so many people keep coming back to Singapore. Singapore is really great place to visit!


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